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Partnering with the right Business & IT Consulting firm is crucial to the health, development, and success of your organization. MANIFEST Technology delivers the six core competencies essential to servicing your needs:

“MANIFEST Technology has been very easy to do business with. Their on-going communication throughout the process has been great!”
“We had a very unique position to fill. We have a legacy AS400 system, so we needed to find someone to help us out who specialized in that technology. At the same time, the specialist needed to understand our business and what we do. That’s when we reached out to MANIFEST Technology. They found us the ideal candidate and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality of his work. When the need arises for qualified candidates in the future, I will be giving MANIFEST Technology a call.”
Mark L., National Insurance Company specializing in Property, Casualty and Homeowner’s Insurance
“We’ve worked with MANIFEST Technology for several years now and will continue to do. They’re a great group of people to work with. Their recruiters are excellent at what they do.”
“We are in need of very unique tech expertise that often doesn’t exist in the local geographical area where our company resides. MANIFEST Technology has a vast reach within the technology pool of candidates who can complete the work we need to be done. For example, we were seeking a Solutions Architect with unique technology skills for one of our large clients. MANIFEST helped us with this by bringing in a highly-qualified candidate from out of state. I like the attention they give us when we need it.”
Dave S., Technology Consulting Company working with Fortune 500 and Healthcare companies
“It’s been a very positive experience working with MANIFEST Technology. They’re very good at their job and will often schedule meetings to make sure things are going smoothly. If I have issues, they take care of them.”
“I’ve been a Sales Force Business Analyst for five years and began working with MANIFEST Technology in August of 2016. The experience has been pretty awesome! They are very good at responding to what I need. I’ve recommended them to a friend of mine who is in the same field.”
Manoj C., Sales Force Business Analyst
“I have never before worked with a vendor who can understand and stand up for their employee like MANIFEST Technology. I am fortunate to work with them.”
“I began working with MANIFEST Technology in May of 2015. Since that time, I’ve recommended them to four other tech professionals. I’m happy to recommend them to people as they’re a great company that will take care of their employees in all situations.”
Raghavendra J., Senior Sales Force Developer
“I appreciate that MANIFEST Technology candidates are as vetted as they can possibly be. It’s why I have confidence that the candidates they send us fit the model employees we’re looking for.”
“At my previous job in insurance, I utilized the services of MANIFEST Technology. I was very satisfied with their ability to send us the right people for our IT positions. Now, in my current position as Director of Application Development for an agriculture company, I have a permanent relationship with MANIFEST. I’m very particular about our staff’s capabilities. First we evaluate soft skills, then hard skills. MANIFEST’s vetting process matches up with our own, and as such, they are able to send us the right candidates to fit our needs.”
Joe K., Insurance and Agriculture Companies
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