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Whether you’re one of the largest healthcare corporations in the world or a rapidly growing startup, MANIFEST Technology delivers IT Solutions.

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From humble startups to Fortune 500 corporations, high tech to small business and everything in between, MANIFEST Technology knows what it takes to make your business grow.


Tech Companies

Rapidly-evolving technology means your team needs to be sharp, at the top of their game, and agile enough to adapt to change. MANIFEST Technology works with you to customize the dream team you need.


Project Leaders

If you ever needed a partner to make your job easier, look no further than MANIFEST Technology. We have the connections, the global reach, and the proficiency to vet candidates and provide you with exceptional team members for either short- or long-term positions.


HR Managers

You have very specific needs. You also have a very structured budget. MANIFEST Technology will help you execute your projects with proven specialists who deliver measurable solutions while meeting your bottom line.


Job Seekers

If you’re up for the challenge of working with organizations at the top of their game; if you’re interested in proving your talent and skill; if you want to be connected to the best opportunities in your field, it’s time to join the MANIFEST Technology team.